Whether your boat is a 13 foot Boston Whaler or a 92 foot Cruiser, Moor-King’s patented telescopic mooring systems will assure you a secure mooring in even the most extreme conditions.

Moor-King is designed to function on all fixed platforms, docks, seawalls, or pilings in areas with up to 6′ of tidal fluctuation or on floating platforms in any environment and are built of the highest grade US made stainless steel components.  The tubing is ultra high polished 304 stainless and the spiral coil spring is electro-polished 316 stainless, selected to provide aesthetically pleasing presentation and highly corrosion resistant finish in both fresh and salt water environments.


Moor-King Mooring System - How It Works

Because of its mechanical properties, Moor-King is the superior mooring system, adjustable to accomodate virtually all pleasure boat applications.  The integration of the adjustable arm length, taught spring lines, and the length of your mooring line establishes the required offset to prevent contact between the boat and the mounting platform.  In applications involving high gunwale boats, a pedestal is used to establish the correct base height to keep the coil spring engaged.


Installation is very simple requiring only basic skills and tools.  A photo enhanced installation guide is provided with each purchase and we are available to answer any questions.


Moor-King warrants the quality and workmanship of the components of this product, after proper installation and normal conditions of use, for a period of 13 months from the date of shipment.  In all cases, our liability is limited to the replacement or repair of the defective or damaged components.



As you know, I have been using three of your Moor Kings for approximately two years to protect my 44′ Gulf Star Motor Cruiser at my home on Boca Raton Lake. I have been very satisfied with these units.

They have performed exactly as you said they would. I could never have maintained my boat at this location with the constant exposure to wind, Intercoastal and Boca Inlet traffic without them.

Very Truly Yours,
T.M. Endicott

Dear Sirs,

After checking various types of mooring devices and talking with the people who owned them, I decide to purchase Moor Kings. Last Springs, I installed them on our dock to hold my 34 foot Mainship which I had to leave for the entire summer while I am up north in Michigan. In June, a “no name” storm (some say it was a near hurricane) hit the Florida west coast and our area. Due to the very high tides and strong winds, the dock and the base of the Moor Kings, were under waterbut the boat was riding beautifully and safely. It is a comforting felling to be able to go away for that length of time and know that your boat will be taken care of no matter what weather may come. I heartily recommend them to anyone who prefers to sleep well at night instead of worrying about his boat and what the heavy winds and tides may be doing to it.

Leonard Luck

Statement of Victor M. Adamus Sr.
For use in Moor King Advertising

When Hurricane David swept through Florida, authorities evacuated my family and me from our home on Merritt Island. I naturally feared for my 34 foot power boat, the WHY NOT, which I kept moored on the seawall behind my home.

When we were able to return a couple of days later, much destruction was evident. Many craft in the vicinity of mine had been badly damaged by David, but the WHY NOT had not received a scratch. The only variable in this situation was the MOOR KING system which I had installed to secure my boat to the seawall, and I therefore credit MOOR KING for preventing what otherwise might have been a considerable loss.

My sons boat after a sub hurricane blow would have sunk without a moor king bow.

Matt Forelli
Your #1 salesman
We have 4 docks in a row with at least one set.